Welcome to the World of Deadbears

A series to celebrate the downfall of the bears in a fun yet violent collection of 10,000 unique NFT's. Each NFT will cost 0.05 ETH.

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On sale Friday the 13th.

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10,000 / 10,000 Deadbears remaining

How many Deadbears would you like to purchase?

Max 20

Cost: 0.05 ETH + Gas

Total Cost: 0.05 ETH + Gas

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Sample Deadbears

Deadbears Rewards

Once the entire Deadbears range has been minted we will be allocating 150 ETH to our Treasury

100 ETH will be converted to $FLOKI by way of Market Buying via Uniswap and Pancakeswap

50 ETH will remain as ETH for the community to decide how it can best be utilised and if it should be converted into another currency

The total rewards pool will be split as shown in the chart.

Floki NFT

60 x Regular Floki

75 Floki Pups have found their way into the Deadbears Universe and are in need of rescuing.

We will run a snapshot between 24 – 48 hours after the range has been completely minted.

If you hold one of these 75 pups in your wallet at the time of the snapshot you will be rewarded in $FLOKI via Airdrop.

There will be 2 different variations of Floki – a Regular version and an even rarer Mythic version.

You just may want to try to get your hands on both ;)

15 x Mythic Floki

Roadmap Timings


Announcement of the First Community Scavenger Hunt Challenge

First 10 to Complete will win – no set end date (10 Winners x 2 ETH equiv. each)


150 ETH transferred to Treasury

Commencement of converting 100 ETH to FLOKI

Note: This conversion will happen on both ETH and BSC and may take up to a week to avoid being frontrun


Rewards Snapshot for Wallets holding Floki Pups (75 Winners x 0.3 ETH equiv. each)

Second Community Scavenger Hunt Announcement


Community Discussion on how best to utilise the remaining 50 ETH in the Treasury that has not been converted to FLOKI


How many NFTs are in the range and how much do they cost to mint?

There are 10,000 NFTs including 75 Floki Pup NFTs. Minting will cost 0.05 ETH per NFT + Ethereum Gas Fee

How will the Treasury Rewards be spent?

30% of raised ETH will go into our Treasury, this equates to roughly 150 ETH!!

  • 25% will go towards Scavenger Hunt Rewards
  • 5% will go towards creating a FLOKI community staking program
How will you create demand in the Secondary Market?

We will run Community Scavenger Hunts which will be rewarded directly via our Treasury. Completion of these hunts will likely require participants to purchase Deadbears on the Secondary Market.

How will the Scavenger Hunts work?

We will post regular Scavenger Hunts where we challenge the community to gather a collection of Deadbears NFTs with specific traits.

Upon announcing each hunt we will clearly communicate the task and the rewards available so that both buyers and sellers can react accordingly.

Your Deadbears